By the end of the EES 2014 we will have:
1. Produced an Economic Manifesto for Europe containing 12-15 elements essential for new Biblical economic models. These elements will be further worked out by the Think Tanks of the European Christian Political Foundation for presentation to the national governments in different European nations.
2. Passed on a vision for transformational businesses, based on a holistic gospel and using case studies, to (future) entrepreneurs and those who pastor them.
3. Educated participants on the tools available for bringing transformation to the business and economic spheres so that they begin to more closely reflect Biblical values and the principles that Jesus taught.
4. Facilitated the formation of long-term relationships between CEO’s, policy makers and the leaders of networks. We pray that these will lead to initiatives which will alleviate poverty and increase the accessibility of jobs and education for the disadvantaged in the nations of the earth.

The summit in 2014 will the first of several European Economic Summits. These will be planned every second or third year.