It is our privilege to invite you to the Economic Summit Brazil meeting in the capital city of Brazil (Brasilia) from Oct. 1st – 3rd, 2019.

We are living in a time in which God is upsetting the established order of things. Unique opportunities are arising to see nations transformed. We believe that now is such a time for Brazil, especially with the new political, economic and spiritual climate in the country.

The turmoil in several South American nations however still has the potential to destabilize the continent. Brazil, as a leading nation in South America, might be able to abate this threat. Especially if models can be created that show that they can work in a regional context. It is truly a moment of divine opportunity and we believe that God is wanting to bring together a select group of leaders for Brazil for such a time as this.

4 Focus areas
During the Economic Summit Brazil meeting we will focus on 4 key areas:

1. Smart Cities and “Rurbanization”
There’s a move underway from “cities of the future” to “smart cities.” Facial Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet Of Things (IOT) make it possible to develop cities that serve as digital prisons. Brazil, however, has an opportunity to do things differently. It’s a chance to show how technology can be used to serve people and enhance freedom instead of imprisoning them. We will also be dealing with a new trend called “rurbanisation.” This addresses the movement of people from rural to urban areas but also focusses on how to make it easier for people to choose to stay in rural areas. Artificial Intelligence and other forms of technology can help to provide services to rural areas that were not possible before.

2. Business, entrepreneurship and the Economics of Mutuality
The ES Brazil meeting will seek to foster entrepreneurship at a city level. We want to help create a culture of entrepreneurship in cities and create new business ecosystems that take into account monetary as well as non-monetary forms of capital (human, social and natural) while delivering superior business performance.

3. Leadership and ethics
We’ll be focussing on ethics and anti-corruption initiatives including providing Biblical models for business leadership that incorporate both the need to be relational and transactional. Healing a nation economically is impossible without these pieces in place.

4. Innovation and next generation
Since God’s heart is for the poor, we need to start at the lowest point in any city. These are the favelas in the case of Brazil. Brazil is a young nation with 62% of the Brazilian population being 26 years old or younger. Many of these young people live in the favelas. Rapid prototypes that work are needed. Here, there are lessons to be learned from India and Israel. Indian ideas and Brazilian and Israeli business initiatives will be highlighted.

Our goal is to see holistic transformation come to Brazil. Well, therefore, choosing a city in collaboration with our Brazilian partners to see transformed.

In light of this goal, the ES Brazil program will include a separate:
a. Symposium for delegates and city leaders from Brazil on smart cities.
b. Masterclass for CEO’s on the Economics of Mutuality and how to practically apply it in companies.
c. Reception for Brazilian and International business people and their Israeli counterparts.

Organizing partners
The organizing partners for this meeting are the Economic Summit and Global Transformation.
Economic Summit:
The Economic Summit exists to find and ignite inspired solutions for global economic transformation. We transform businesses and economies sustainably through mutual value creation, a relational vision of society and the practical application of paradigms based on Christian tradition, faith and thought. Our mandate is to convene, inform and inspire current and next generation decision-makers and to provide them with the tools to help them effect change in the areas that they are called to.
Global Transformation:
Global Transformation gathers leaders from around the world who have a track record in bringing transformation their spheres of influence. Their mission is to develop collaborative strategies to inspire audiences to impact their societies for kingdom values and activities.
Our Brazilian partners on the ground for this meeting are Bishops JB and Dirce Carvalho. Bishop JB is the Founder and Bishop of the Comunidade das Nações Church in Brasilia with 10,000 members and 18 campuses in Brazil and the USA. He is married to Bishop Dirce. Together they lead the Comunidade das Nações Church family. Dirce is also the leader of their social outreach arm which includes entrepreneurship, legal help for families, and multiple initiatives for community transformation. Bishops JB and Dirce lead Global Transformation Brazil.

Who should attend
Business leaders, city leaders, and policymakers, financial experts, institutional investors, NGO’s, entrepreneurs, promising young professionals (those under 35 years) involved in these areas.

General information
Dates: October 1st – 3rd, 2019
Address venue: Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães
Endereço: SDC – Setor de Divulgação Cultural, Eixo Monumental, Brasília, Brasil
CEP: 70070-350
Airport: Aeroporto Internacional de Brasilia
Accommodations: B Hotel
Address: SHN Quadra 5 Bloco J Lote L, Asa Norte
CEP: 70705-100

4-night packages: Sept. 30th – Oct. 4th
Single occupancy: 950 Euros
Double occupancy: 800 Euros

5-night packages: Sept. 29th – Oct. 4th
Single occupancy 1200 Euros
Double occupancy: 1000 Euros

Prices include breakfast in the hotel and lunch and snacks at the venue. Prices do not include dinner or the pre-summit sightseeing tour.

Visa Information:
Visa requirements to enter Brazil vary per country. Please check the internet for visa requirements for your own nation.

RSVP: to Arleen Westerhof at [email protected]

Per-program sightseeing tour
Monday, Sept. 30th

Day 1: Tues. Oct. 1st

Day 2: Weds. Oct. 2nd
Masterclass: Economics of Mutuality (morning)
Plenary presentation and panel discussions on Business and entrepreneurship. (afternoon)
Reception for business leaders (evening)

Day 3: Thurs. Oct. 3rd
Symposium: Smart cities and urbanisation (morning)
Innovation and next generation (afternoon)

Dr. Arleen Westerhof, Economic Summit
Stacey Campbell and Kelry Green, Global Transformation
Bishops J.B. and Dirce Carvalho, Global Transformation Brazil