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This book was prompted by the horrific images of the dead body of a young two year old Syrian boy that washed up on a beach in Greece. He had drowned while he and his family were trying to flee war-torn Syria. These images serve as a stark reminder that, as European leaders increasingly try to prevent refugees from settling in the continent, more and more refugees are dying in their desperation to flee war, persecution, poverty and reach safety.

These days the war in Syria is no longer front-page news, and it is the constant stream of particularly African boat people that dominate the discussions on migration. While European nations build more walls, we have to look at what is the Christian and human response. Yes, we can, and must, help those who make it to Europe’s shores. However, a better and more effective long-term solution is to try to understand and address the push factors that fuel migration in the first place. This book presents  concrete strategies to help:

  • Businesses become active participants in creating profitable, sustainable solutions for African societies.
  • NGO’s change how they relate to their corporate sponsors and governments.
  • Policy makers to engage religion and religious actors more effectively. Africa is the most Christian continent in the world and no long-term solution will work without knowing how.
  • Western universities to better engage with African ones for collaboration.
  • Bridge the gap between rich and poor.
  • Activate citizens to require accountability in their government leaders and create stronger democracies.

Africa will grow and develop in the future and the only way forward is to partner with it. This book shows you how.