The European Economic Summit aims to introduce new Biblical paradigms on finance and economy and to present transformational businesses as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies.

  • introducing new paradigms on finance and economy.
  • encouraging business and economic activity as legitimate kingdom callings.
  • presenting new initiatives for discipling and transforming the business and economy spheres – “Global Priority”, “Unashamedly Ethical” and Generosity.
  • educating on the creation of legal vehicles (in the European context) for financing both large and small scale projects.
  • presenting transformational businesses as new models for sustainability in advancing the Kingdom of God both in Europe and abroad.
  • working towards finding sustainable solutions for those suffering from injustice and a lack of access to jobs and education through business and economic activity.
  • encouraging the missions community to work more closely with transformational businesses to increase the effectiveness of getting necessary resources to those who need them the most (the lost, the last and the least).
  • presenting a global vision that will mentor and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • embracing and affirming the role of government in creating an environment via economic and public policy in which transformational businesses flourish.
  • strengthening the relationship between government and public and private partnership.