Summit 2014


The idea for theEconomic Summit (ES) was born out of the knowledge that we cannot solve today’s problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. We know that many economic and governance challenges are at their heart issues of mentality and values. Our response therefore should start there.

During 2014 the Summit focused on the future and examined the question, “What are the key economic activities that Europe will face in the next 10 years and what should our response be?” We attempted to start to put together an economic business plan for the next 10 years. Each of the speakers was an innovative thinker in their field of expertise.


Peter Briscoe, Former-Vice President Europartners, Netherlands

Kingdom Economics

James Featherby – Chair, Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group, U.K.

New Economic Paradigms

Antonie Fountain – Coordinator of the VOICE Network of European NGO’s and Trade Unions, Netherlands

Out of the Box Thinking Regarding the Economy

Ram Gidoomal – Chair, Traidcraft Plc., U.K.

A Fair Future

Luc Gncadja – Former Executive Secretary, United Nations Covention to Combat Desertification, Benin

Refugees, Desertification and Transformational Business

Richard Gower – Director, Foresight Economics, U.K.

How Change Happens

Brian Grim – President, Religious Freedom and Business Foundation, U.S.A.

The Role of Business in Promoting Religious Freedom

Prabhu Guptara – Board Member, Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Global Economic Problems. Tinkering with the Margins vs. System Change

Graham Power – Executive Chair, Power Group, South Africa

Combating Systemic Poverty and Corruption

Bruno Roche – Chief Economist, Mars Inc., Belgium

Jubilee Economics

Michael Schluter – Founder, Jubilee Centre U.K.

Relational Economics

Mats Tunehag – Co-Chair, Business as Mission Think Tank, Sweden

Transformational Business