European Economic Summit Prayer Letter – March 2014

Our desire for the Summit is that it be transformational. Prayer before, during and after the Summit will be essential in achieving this aim. With this in mind we will be sending out a monthly prayer letter starting this month in order to inform prayer networks and individuals throughout Europe and the world who have a heart to pray for this initiative.

Thank you for your prayers. We cannot do this without them.

Arleen Westerhof, Coordinator,
European Economic Summit
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Prayer points

1. Transformation. That the Summit would indeed be transformational in that it changes the way that people think and act and that God would help us to come up with better ideas together than any of of could come up with separately.

2. Protection. For safety and protection for all those involved in planning and organizing the Summit and their families. We realize that in organizing the EES we are kicking against the established order and that we are going up against the spiritual principality of Mammon. Please pray for Peter Briscoe, Al Caperna, Bruce Cook, Paul Cuny, Luc Gncadja, Janos Illessy, Deepak Mahtani, Roland Moody, Gunnar Olson, Timo Plutschinski, Graham Power, Jan Sturesson, Mats Tunehag, Tom Webb and Dick and Arleen Westerhof.

3. Wisdom. That God would help us to reflect His heart in how the Summit is planned.

4. Unity. That God would preserve the bond of peace between everyone involved in planning the Summit and that this would characterize the atmosphere at the Summit itself.

5. Invitations. That we would be able to reach those who should attend the Summit. We especially want to ask you to pray for God’s favor on us as we seek to invite national and European level politicians, economists, policy makers, CEO’s and leaders of large businesses, etc. and that they would register.

6. Economic manifesto. That God would give us favor with the right economists and that He would help us, together with them, to produce a manifesto which accurately reflects His vision for the economies of 21st century Europe and beyond.

7. Transformational business book project. That God would help MatsTunehag and Gea Gort to produce a book which will become a standard in the field and that it will help to support the global movement of God in the marketplace.

8. Speakers. That God would inspire the speakers and that His divine wisdom and insight would be reflected in the content of their talks.

9. PR. For wisdom and divine strategies for how to publicize the Summit and the economic manifesto that we will present there. That both the Summit and the manifesto would attract the attention of those who need to hear about them and that they would lead to change for the glory of God.

10. Entrepreneurs. That God would inspire a much broader group of (future) entrepreneurs with a vision for doing business transformationally.

11. Life and spiritual transformation. That the life of God would permeate all aspects of the program and that people who don’t know Him would find Him.

12. Friendships. That long-term friendships would be built between those involved that these will be a continual source of encouragement to them for many years to come.