Economic Summit Ghana 2018

Economic Summit (ES)/Unashamedly Ethical (UE) Summit Meeting in
 Accra, Ghana, 10 – 14 September 2018

This meeting is hosted in collaboration with “The Accra Roundtable”; the Think Tank of Ghana’s National Cathedral, and will be a major summit. In addition to our own Economic Summit/Unashamedly Ethical networks those invited will include high profile Ghanaian political, business, academic and civil society leaders as well as members of International and African leadership networks.

The main theme of the summit will be “Faith in African Development and Transformation.” We have been informed that the Ghanaian Finance Minister will be attending, and that he plans to specifically adapt his work, “A Righteous Agenda for Ghana’s Development” to also cover the development of Africa as a continent.

Some of the concrete outputs that we want to see from this meeting are:

  • Practical models/paradigms presented for addressing challenges as determined and outlined during the Cape Town Summit.
  • The start of the implementation of one or more of these models/paradigms.
  • A technical/analytical report that will outline an agenda for the summit in Africa.
  • An expanded network of thought leaders and practitioners.

Invitations have already gone out for this meeting. If you have not been specifically invited, but would like to attend, send us your CV and what you feel you can contribute.

Contact us at to let us know.