János Kristóf Illéssy (Hungary)

Steering Committee European Economic Summit

Janos Kristof IllessyJanos Illésy, janos.illessy@t-online.hu, is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance at the Business School of the Central European University in Budapest, an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the IBR School of Executive Management, Steinbeis University, Berlin and a Lecturer in Finance at the School of Management, Corvinus University, Budapest.

He is also the President of the Hungarian branch of “Compass – Finances God’s Way”  Leader of the Association of Christian Leaders and Businessmen (KEVE Társaság / CBMC Hungary).

In addition to these posts he has had significant experience in working in industry. He is currently the managing director of Lebona Financial Consulting Kft. And the Chairman of the Audit Committee for this organization. In the past he has also been the CFO of Magyar Telekom Nyrt., the CEO of BorsodChem Nyrt. and the CFO of BNP Paribas Hungaria Bank Kft.